*Please include embassy fees, our service fees and return delivery payment or a completed air bill. Incomplete payment, incomplete applications or documents and wrong application form will cause a delay in processing the above visa application.

** The service fees are non-refundable, once we receive your documents and start processing them. Due to the high volume of applications being submitted, the processing times may be delayed by the Passport Agency. While such situations are beyond our control, we will do everything possible to accommodate your trip and will call you immediately to let you know about the status of your application


VISA PROCEDURE CHANGE: Tanzania embassy no longer issues visa stickers. All visas are now processed electronically. Please see requirements below and e-mail all copies to:

STEP 1. Gather the following documents according to the purpose of your trip:


Please note all documents for e-entry visas need to be sent by e-mail to Originals are not required. Visa approval will be e-mailed to you in 10-12 BUSINESS days. Visa for US citizens will be valid for 1 year from the date of issuance with multiple  entries. Duration of each stay is 90 days. Non-US citizens: not all nationalities are eligible for this type of visa. Please check with our office before submitting your paperwork 703-726-0300.

  • Color Copy of US passport information page (can be e-mailed in JPEG or PDF formats)
  • One color passport photo-cannot wear glasses- (must be e-mailed in JPEG format only)
  • One Application Form (click here to download)- can be e-mailed in JPEG or PDF formats
  • One IVS Order Form (click here to download)- can be e-mailed in JPEG or PDF formats
  • Copy of itinerary showing flights in & out of Tanzania
  • Copy of hotel reservation

STEP 2. E-mail copies of all documents listed in Step 1 to VALENTINA@IVSDC.COM

Copies of all documents including passport copy must be e-mailed to us for processing. Original documents are not required. Visa approval will be e-mailed to you in 10-12 days. You will travel to Tanzania with a printed copy of the approval notice and your passport will be stamped upon arrival at the airport in Tanzania.

Embassy fees                                                          
   Regular Processing: 10-12 days
Tourist e-visa (multiple entry 1yr)

International Visa Service Fees  
 Regular Processing: 10-12 days 
Price per e-visa processed                                 

Shipping Fees  
No shipping fees- the approval will be e-mailed to you                                                                   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Questions About Fees?

COVID-19 UPDATE:E-visas are being issued by the Government of Tanzania. Please follow instructions below and apply.